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You are called back within an hour!




Your advantages: Confidence and Partnership

At the beginning is our word. As a customer, place your trust in it. Before you invest in an energy plant, we will advise you - personally and neutrally, whether a private person, tradesman or industrial companies.

We do not have a panacea hidden in the drawers. And we do not want to make any rough estimates. We want to talk to you about the facts. Therefore, we competently screen through each aspect that speaks against your project proposal.

Only then will we be able to present you with an offer in good conscience.

Your advantages: Cost Effectiveness and Security

Green energy is undoubtedly good for the environment. But let's be honest: In the end, it is not just about the environment but also about cost savings. After all, green energy should also be economically attractive.

Cost effectiveness is achieved over a long life span of the energy plant. An energy plant is an investment in the future, which is usually geared to the long-term interest. And long-term investments require security.

We advocate a secure and sustainable plant operation for many years to come. As a customer, you can count on that. As this is the only way that you will reap the benefits of your investment: a high-degree of cost effectiveness.

Your advantages: Reliability and Quality

We are not a wholesale company but place our confidence in long-standing partnerships and selected products. This decision has proven its worth for many years. After all, our customers naturally have high expectations of us.

Therefore, each step of the project is worked on by a professional: For your plant the engineer will plan, the master certified roofer will lay, the heating engineer will assemble and the master electrician will install it so that you can expect the best possible results.